Monday, April 30, 2007

Anger--use it, but don't lose it.

Grrrr. Somehow this whole thing is turning into a soccer bloggins--a very angry soccer bloggins. Tonight we lost 2-0 to our biggest rivals, the Colorado Rapids. I could go into the pathetic details of the game, but I won't for two reasons: (1) I fear that if I do, then no one will read my bloggins apart from my brother and Abe Joaquin (I want people to read my blog because I measure my self-worth on how many comments I receive) and (2) our 4 5 1 formation works like crap and we need to be a 4 4 2 if we really want to be effective (3) I'm not impressed with our coach (4) my knee hurts (5) we're having serious goal keeper issues and (6) Pablo Mastroeni is a tool. That is way more (quattro mas) than two reasons.

After the game I was pleased to find my car had a lovely piece of paper informing me that I owe some money to the U of U for parking in the wrong spot. Icing on the cake.

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Playa!!! said...

1 self-esteem point for you. you left, but the dancers are wearing monster masks now with glowy eyes.

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