Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Infinity

Hello my dear internet cohorts. I would like to make shout out to a very special reader named Sheldon Kent. I’m glad you’ll be reading this. You are wonderful. Perhaps someday I’ll name my brother after you.

Well, I haven’t been able to blog in a few days much to my dismay. Can you blame me, it’s been the final week of classes and I’ve been busy doing things; e.g., skateboarding; i.e., not homework.

There has been alog of interesting stuff that has happened this week. Here's a few of the exciting pieces that make up my life.

This afternoon was spent at Rice-Eccles Stadium supporting Real Salt Lake. We drew second week in a row—last week to one of the better teams in the league and this week to an incredibly mediocre one. Oh well, at least we didn’t lose.

Last night my coworker Alla and myself went into work after-hours to get a tripod we forgot to pack for a commercial shoot the next day (today). The tripod was in a locked fenced area inside our building. Our boss had been pretty sick that day, and was compelled to come in earlier to fix another unrelated emergency. Needless to say, he wasn’t in the best of moods. You can guess why we didn’t want to burden him with such petty details of our incompetence so late at night. Alla determined the only solution to be that she climb the fence and the pass the tripod over to me. My favorite detail of this story is that inside the cage hangs a sign that states, “Smile, you’re on camera!” complete with security guard watching on the other end. She lugged the tripod over the fence into my gentle yet masculine arms. The whole process was quite a raucous and I was rather paranoid that any second the security guard was going to come in with a SWAT team or something. He didn’t. As we walked by the security guard to check out of the building we noticed he was engaged in the Jazz game on TV. The Jazz won. We won too. Nice. Another lovely detail of this story is that during the shoot we realized that we took the wrong tripod and we had to go back and trade it. Nice.

I'm really good at putting sunblock on my face, just not anywhere else.

For some reason my brother’s glasses broke when he walked by some sweet brethren.

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