Monday, May 7, 2007

Ain't no cryps here

While searching for pictures of The Lone Ranger, I was pleasantly surprised when google gve me this lovely picture. Once again, thank you www.

I wonder what this photo shoot was like. I wonder if they have any blooper shots or some zany outtakes.

Also, do vampires really drink blood out of glasses? Is there one vampire who's job is to suck blood and put it in glasses so they
can have vampire tea parties? Maybe this vampire is doing that. To me it seems like it would be easier just to drink it straight from someone's neck.

There appears to be a steady stream of blood rushing from his mouth. Perhaps this blood doesn't taste good because the victim ate something garlicy. Maybe he realizes he's drinking
vampire backwash and he has a gag-reflex. Or perhaps he's a retarded vampire--a vamptard, you have to admit he kind of looks like one.


Megan said...

Vamptard! You so clever.

REB said...


ashleigh said...

lone ranger turns into black vampire at midnight. right?!