Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pharty time

The other night we went to a random party in the SLC. I seem to remember going to dozens of random parties just like this one when I lived up there. Why did I keep on going to them? All the people just stand around talking—no dancing, no prancing, no nothing! No fun. Plus, I’m really, really not motivated to meet people who have no connections with me or with anyone I know. So I usually end up just standing in the corner gazing at the family pictures. So I guess it’s just easier to put on music and dance the time away until we leave. It becomes my mission to convert a stand-around-talking-party into a stand-around-and-stare-at-the-weird-kids-dancing-party. They look at us like we’re freaks, and I guess they’re a little justified.


hanner said...

I'm sorry that I missed out, on both the party and the night-vision camera that you seem to have taken that picture with. There's nothing quite like being stared at in a room of people who love K-Swiss.

melanie elizabeth said...

we rocked that party. you and carter are master dancers and they were just intimidated. who likes to just stand around? not us.

Megan said...

Since we were the only ones dancing, I'm confused as to why people were annoyed when you turned on the lights for this picture? The Salt Lake zoobies only talk to each other in the dark?

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