Friday, July 27, 2007

This is England

This film looks pretty cool. It's rad cause it's set in England's luxurious Northwest, which is of course, where I went once for some reason. People would always ask me to do an accent when I got back, but I never really would because my Mancunian inpersonation is too lifelike and incredible. Anyway, the actors in this film are proper Northern lads and lasses so watch the videos and hear what a real accent is. Anyway, enjoy the website especially the "I'm Thomas" section and the old skinhead photos.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

rep rep represent

This is a spread from SLUG Magazine. The article is about one of my OGs, Wilson. He's rad and he rips at skating. One time six years ago he grinded a 21 stair handrail (THE SAME RAIL JERRY DID!!!) on his skateboard. I filmed it. I always was pretty mediocre at skating but all my friends were way good, so maybe that's why I was always filming and why now I'm a film student(minor). It's funny because I used to have longer hair than him. Nope, not anymore. Wilson wins. Plus he one-upped me and got gnarley dreads. Wilson wins twice. In the interview he talks about EMW films and the EMW crew, which is our original skate crew from high school. HIZAH!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Mad props to Hannah for curing my Rubber Soul fix. Bless you. Run For Your Life is mi favorita.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

via tia tha

I wish that when I pressed 842 on my text-messaging device it would go straight to the word "tha"; e.g., Tha Alkaholics. It doesn't, so I have to painfully scroll through the words "via" and "tia" to get to it. tear.

PS. Congrats to US U-20 team playing in U-20 World Cup. I would like to think that the reason why Freddy Adu is playing so good is because he can be spotted in local TV air time in a Furniture Warehouse commercial. The commercial is so lovely because it shows Freddy scoring a goal in our
white away kit and then immediately goes to the hilarious father-son FW duo and eats their popcorn wearing a red uniform. Chuckle. How did he change so quickly? Road Redwood? Chuckle.

Wow. This is what my life has come to.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Indiana Jones day

Well, another fourth (4th) of July has come and gone. I must admit that I've had some pretty average Independence Days in the past. But this one--let me tell you--this one was pretty passionate and invigorating.

Above you will notice me and Robbie riding scooters with the UVSC kiddies during Provo's Independence Parade. Why were they on scooters? what do scooters have to do with the 4th? No idea. Point is that we joined them in the parade and got to have attention brought to us. I love America. I love attention. I love it. All the time I wish I had it. LOOOK AT ME. I decided that I would travel with them for the rest of their parade--and I did. Here's a few things I learned about being in a parade:
(a) if you are riding a scooter and you don't do tricks kids will throw things at you.
(b) if you are not wearing a white or green UVSC shirt you do not belong with the UVSC crew.
(c) when the UVSC guys with the yellow cones try to yell wolverine chants and try to invoke excitement in the crowd, people all the way down the parade will consistently not care or respond. I'm glad I wasn't one of them.
(d) parades are equally boring whether your in them or watching them.
(f) the length of the parade was the longest I've ever scootered; I was actually pretty tired when it was all done.
Mid-day madness. We had a nice BBQ. I went swimming--twice. I danced. It was really fun.

Up until this point I was having one of the best 4ths EVER. I was expecting the happy independence day aura that I was utterly immersed in to stay with me as I headed to asSault Lake. It didn't. RSL played like crap. Crap. Worst 2nd half ever. Plus we hit the crossbar twice. Our ex-player Jeff Cunningham was on the team we played (Toronto FC); he actually had the nerve to score a goal against us and then ran 60 yds to our bench and celebrated right in front of our coach. You don't do that. You're lame Jeff Cunningham. Plus he got in a fight with Andy Williams. Andy's my main damee. It gets personal when you mess with Andy. You're lame Jeff. I was so sad at the end of the game that I hardly enjoyed the big fireworks like they're supposed to be enjoyed. I mostly just wept on Abe's shoulder. Thanks Abe, you're a real friend and an exceptional lover.

PS. I saw Transformers tonight. There's a lot I could say but wont. Only this--I totally want to make out with a girl on top of my transformer car while several other transformers are watching. It's kind of kinky.