Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sidepart Soldier

Earlier today, I walked into a classroom to meet for a group project for my film class. Normally my hair is quite unkempt; I suppose in a weird BYU kind of way I’ve developed a reputation as the kid with the moderately crazy hair and tight pants. But today was different—I had a funeral up in SLC after my meeting so I dressed my best, which included slacks and collared shirt complemented with a suave side part. As I walked in one of my friends saw me and burst into laughter (drawing all attention to me) and he asked why I was so dressed up; I think he wanted a zany response like I was going to act as a tall redheaded Clark Gable’esque character or a cockney vampire for some obscure production. I replied that I was going to a funeral and he immediately went silent. I think he felt kind of bad for initially laughing at me and promptly turned his attention back to his group. I always find it a little amusing that in my attempts to look debonair the response from my peers is usually utter and complete bewilderment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mine Padre

My Dad is way rad. Actually one of the greatest complements I've ever received is that I'm turning out like him.

None of you would ever know this, but my Dad is quite the character. I’ve noticed that he likes to repeat the same story almost every Sunday at dinner, “ . . . he got up to speak and the first thing he said was ‘If anyone needs to go to the bathroom now is your time.’ Was he really expecting someone to find that funny? The room was silent! Ha ha!” As he laughs my siblings and I will look at each other and eventually join with his laughter, not at the oft-repeated story, but at the fact that he still finds this story so funny week after week. I also find it a little ironic that we consistently find that so funny. Oh well, I guess we really are our Father’s children.

I’m sad to report that I missed one of his better one-liners last Sunday. My Dad really, really, really doesn’t like to shave. Seriously he hates it. In fact if you mere mention the word ‘shave’ anywhere near him he might burst into a little speech about how he’s had to do this inconvenient task every day for the last 30 years and he’ll continue to have to do it everyday for the rest of his life. Anyway, my brother reported to me that somehow during dinner “menstrual cycles” (this gives you an idea what Sunday dinner is really like at my house) were brought up and my dad’s response to this conversation was, “You girls have it easy—at least your periods go away after a while.”

Consider yourself very lucky if you ever meet him.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

You know what we 'bout!!! Uhhhh!

Hello internet strangers. Did I mention that I'm excited for the RSL season to start? So excited that I have this picture of the unveiling of Leo the Lion taken last year. This is a wonderful picture because my brother and my friend Brooks are in the background. I am sitting directly behind Leo, so you can't see me. Too bad, I was so excited I started to cry.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dread Pirate RobPeterson

I know how much you love my films so I'm posting a short documentary I made in hopes of getting in the film program at my university. Click here.

It's about my friend Rob. I met him when we were 12. He's a great person; if you're really lucky you may meet him cruising the streets of Salt Lake City or when you have a complaint with Abercrombie & Fitch and/or Hollister.

He also has killer abs. That is all.


Good evening. There is a lot of edifying television out there yet I consistently choose not to watch it. One of my roommates regularly is watching the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel; he makes the most of his viewing experience, and is a better man for it. I on the other hand am anxiously awaiting the MLS season to start (15 days) along with Real Salt Lake's home opener (16 days), and am alleviating all that anxiety with several doses of the EPL on Fox Soccer Channel (FSC). During the male enhancement commercials that frequently air on FSC I'll change the channel to either Fuse or MTV2 only to be disappointed by a crappy Beyonce or Hinder (You know, that "Lips of an Angel" song--so horrible!) video and then to change back to FSC and a hair regrowth product commercial. Hopefully continuing these viewing habits will not require me to need any of those products anytime soon. Thank You Television (TYT)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Internet:

Wow, I'm totally excited for this. Any excuse that I can find to spend more time on the www is good by me. I have to admit that I'm a little anxious about this thing. Some people have great writing skills and as I read their blog I wish I were as eloquent as they are--maybe this will help me. Maybe this will help with all the other aspects of my life and I'll soon be happy with a girlfriend and all my problems will be solved and I'll be freely giving hi-fives to all the brothers and sisters around me. Maybe this will just keep me away from doing my schoolwork and my GPA will drop even more. Probably the latter. Oh well, what's a boy to do?

PS. This sucks