Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Class of 1999

This is lovely. My family is gathered around my older brother upon his long awaited and narrowly missed high school graduation. Probably the best part of this photo is my friend Scotty B. Married who is kneeling on the right. His shirt says “Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Mother.” Bless the DI and bless whoever’s mother donated that shirt so some needy individual could have it on their back.

Another noteworthy person in this photo is Jerry (second from right). Jerry was my brother’s best friend. I was always proud to know Jerry. Apart from being one the best looking boys at my high school, Jerry was especially cool because he lip-slid the Canyon Rim 21 stair handrail on his snowboard. I personally filmed it on a cold winter night late in the last millennium. I made sure to mention this to all the cool snowboard kids at my high school in hopes of me gaining some shred-cred. My report is that they were in fact very impressed—just not with me. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

By the way, did I mention that my best friend's older brother is a professional snowboarder? You heard already? Never mind then…

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Playa!!! said...

you're such a poser. at being not cool. look at how positive i am!

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