Thursday, April 5, 2007

Who are these people?

First watch this.

My roommates and I have been having weekly half-hour dance parties for the last five months or so, and they have become quite popular among residents of Provo. The rising popularity of our parties has caused some of us dance elitists (as I like to call myself) to frown. I guess I’m a little holier than thou on some things, especially regarding the people who come to dance parties at my house. I hope I don’t sound self righteous, but if I don’t know you then I’m holier than thou. So don’t come over if you’re not holy or at least know someone holy. (If you’re a girl then you’re holy enough too)

Anyway, to make a medium sized story short, we had a two week dance party sabbatical period in hopes that these random kids would see that the parties were canceled and therefore never step foot in our house again. I guess you could say we were purging our self.

Tonight was our “Welcome Back Dance Party” dance party. I would rate it a 2 on a scale of 1 to (hard)core. I give it a 2 because my playlist was insane-good and we were graced with the presence of my homies Jackson and Bee Money (independent of each other). Bless you Bee, bless you. The score was tainted because the speakers didn’t really work and there were still several dudes I didn’t know. Looks like our sabbatical failed, or at most got a D- (Is this minus supposed to be an em dash, en dash, or hyphen?). I wonder if these kids just drive by my house every week in hopes of a party. A little word of advice—a true stalker never goes inside the house and being a true stalker is the best way to win my heart.

Who arrrrrre these people?!!!


Sam Gray said...

word, homey.

hanner said...

I just want to know a) will the list be played again? and b) who arrrrre these people?

And also, we are holier than all of them. Combined.

solidcommagirl said...

Why do I love Conan so, sooooo much?

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