Thursday, June 21, 2007


Summer is here. I finished classes yesterday. Here are a few photos to welcome summer.

This is Jon. He's really nice. His work owes him a month and a half's worth of pay. He doesn't really complain about it. If I were in his shoes I certainly would be complaining about it. After all, complaining is one of my favorite things to do. Speaking of which...

Summer offically welcomed me with a head cold. Here are some of the substances I'm putting in body. I have been to the doctor four times (five this next monday) to figure out how to battle the pesky ulcer in my cornea. I just got a new kind of eyedrop (the middle one) that is milky and a few minutes after I put it in a REALLY bitter taste seeps into my throat and stays for a couple of hours. Mmmm mmmm good. Call me if you want to make out.

RSL news.
Dear Chris Klein,
I'm sad that you got traded to the LA Galaxy. Have fun playing on the same team and same position as David Beckham. I appreciate the heart and soul you've given to our team. You had a crucial goal(1:26) this year and many last year. Bless you. Too bad your hairs aren't as cute as Hollywood's Chris Klein. But for real, I'll miss you.


Nelson said...

i was hoping you'd mention soccer

REB said...

shut up.

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