Friday, June 15, 2007

Nostalgic is not how I'm feeling for some reason.

Dear Diary. A few of the songs I bought off of iTunes: Ghouls Night Out (The Misfits), She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibusles), Jolene (WhiteStripes[live in Blackpool England at the same time I lived in Blackpool England]), O-o-h Child (The Five Stairsteps [incredible song, incredible band name]), and I Luv it (Young Jeezy). I feel like I haven't had a really a good bloggins in a while; I suppose me listing my music purchases will help me feel better about that.

In other news. RSL gave up
another last minute goal against FC Dallas at Rice-Eccles stadium. I wasn't able to attend the game and maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. Jason Kreis got really mad too. Is it bad to think my favorite team sucks? I don't reallly think that they suck, it's just that we don't distribute our salaries very wisely. Why do we pay Freddy Adu muchos $$$$ to not score goals? Oh yeah, he did date JoJo. Why don't we just buy some depth to our defense? Oh well there's always next season right?

Have you ever heard of having an ulcer in your cornea? I hadn't either, but it can happen. I'm just saying.

Happy Birthday Carter. I love you. Being 24 is even better than being 23, isn't it?


ashleigh said...

jojo is a freakin baby. no seriously, she is like 6 months old.

Veronica said...

so is freddy adu. wait, freddy adu dated jojo???!?!? maybe he's good for something after all.

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