Thursday, March 22, 2007


Good evening. There is a lot of edifying television out there yet I consistently choose not to watch it. One of my roommates regularly is watching the Discovery Channel and the National Geographic Channel; he makes the most of his viewing experience, and is a better man for it. I on the other hand am anxiously awaiting the MLS season to start (15 days) along with Real Salt Lake's home opener (16 days), and am alleviating all that anxiety with several doses of the EPL on Fox Soccer Channel (FSC). During the male enhancement commercials that frequently air on FSC I'll change the channel to either Fuse or MTV2 only to be disappointed by a crappy Beyonce or Hinder (You know, that "Lips of an Angel" song--so horrible!) video and then to change back to FSC and a hair regrowth product commercial. Hopefully continuing these viewing habits will not require me to need any of those products anytime soon. Thank You Television (TYT)

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