Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mine Padre

My Dad is way rad. Actually one of the greatest complements I've ever received is that I'm turning out like him.

None of you would ever know this, but my Dad is quite the character. I’ve noticed that he likes to repeat the same story almost every Sunday at dinner, “ . . . he got up to speak and the first thing he said was ‘If anyone needs to go to the bathroom now is your time.’ Was he really expecting someone to find that funny? The room was silent! Ha ha!” As he laughs my siblings and I will look at each other and eventually join with his laughter, not at the oft-repeated story, but at the fact that he still finds this story so funny week after week. I also find it a little ironic that we consistently find that so funny. Oh well, I guess we really are our Father’s children.

I’m sad to report that I missed one of his better one-liners last Sunday. My Dad really, really, really doesn’t like to shave. Seriously he hates it. In fact if you mere mention the word ‘shave’ anywhere near him he might burst into a little speech about how he’s had to do this inconvenient task every day for the last 30 years and he’ll continue to have to do it everyday for the rest of his life. Anyway, my brother reported to me that somehow during dinner “menstrual cycles” (this gives you an idea what Sunday dinner is really like at my house) were brought up and my dad’s response to this conversation was, “You girls have it easy—at least your periods go away after a while.”

Consider yourself very lucky if you ever meet him.

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