Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sidepart Soldier

Earlier today, I walked into a classroom to meet for a group project for my film class. Normally my hair is quite unkempt; I suppose in a weird BYU kind of way I’ve developed a reputation as the kid with the moderately crazy hair and tight pants. But today was different—I had a funeral up in SLC after my meeting so I dressed my best, which included slacks and collared shirt complemented with a suave side part. As I walked in one of my friends saw me and burst into laughter (drawing all attention to me) and he asked why I was so dressed up; I think he wanted a zany response like I was going to act as a tall redheaded Clark Gable’esque character or a cockney vampire for some obscure production. I replied that I was going to a funeral and he immediately went silent. I think he felt kind of bad for initially laughing at me and promptly turned his attention back to his group. I always find it a little amusing that in my attempts to look debonair the response from my peers is usually utter and complete bewilderment.

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Playa!!! said...

rory -- you looks like a pimp done suave, and i've the pics to prove it. umm, who laughed? sorry about the funeral too.