Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday I watched one of Real Salt Lake's preseaon matches online. I was high as a kite. Most of the team that won the MLS cup last season is coming back, which means it should be another exciting season full of goals and hopefully less Jamison Olave red cards. Despite my joy for the RSL 2010, I'm very disappointed in its uniforms.

I think the team accidentally ordered football jerseys not football jerseys.

I already miss the blue sleeves and blue shorts. Don't the stripes look good in gold, and on navy???? I mean, look how proud the team looks?

Anyway, even though RSL is ugly, at least Manchester City's kits are beautiful. In fact I'll be as bold as to say my favorite kits of the last few years. Less focus on uniform decorations like Adidas and more on fit and honoring tradition.

It may be hard for some to understand, but designing something that is simple yet functional can be quite an arduous task.

Also, I like England's kits. (once again, thanks to Umbro)

Also, (apart from his weirdly rolled up sleeves) I like this. Pink and all.

Also, I like him.

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