Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some pics from 2009

Sam, Lawrence, laser eye, dryer.

He knew he was being photographed.

Red Hat Society.

Milton on Milton.




Once I left town and this happened in my bed.

It still amazes me.

One sweaty boy.

Williamsburg. That's a long way down.

Patriot Jonah.

NY, you only took 11 games. Seattle was good.

Team AJR

Mother and child.


hanner said...

i wish i could put that pic of austin/sam/chris as our desktop pic without it being really weird, but that's how much i like it

REB said...

It wouldn't be weird.

(i'n a kakie) said...

i like you, rory

ajr said...

i whish i could tell you that team ajr won it this season... sigh