Saturday, August 9, 2008


As a result of my procrastinating these last two euro posts just are going to be as wonderful as I wanted.

After leaving Helsinki we made our way to Paris. I have been to Paris before, and upon returning I still think it is the most beautiful city (or least city centerish area) that I've ever been (Sorry Manchester). We met up with none other than my parents under the Eiffel Tower. It's refreshing to be in a foreign land and meet up with people who know their way around better than you, like my parents. Notice how my Dad is in total tourist-mode, yet still looks classy as ever. I only had two days in France this time, because I left everyone and went up to my old stomping grounds in Manchester. We went to a couple of places in Normandy. If you ever end up going there just go to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial and not the little museum where you learn about the docks the English made, which i can't remember what it's called... Seeing the 9,000+ graves and the ages of the men reminded me that I really don't know anything about war and sacrifice in the comforts of Provo.

Oh yeah! and we saw my secret long lost brother. He was a lot older than me. But he had the same hair and glasses. It was sooooo weird. Anyway, my br0-in-law has a better pic of him. I still need to get it.
The Velvet Underground & Nico - Femme Fatale