Sunday, July 20, 2008


Helsinki was the next stop. It is a smaller place than I thought with only about 560,000 people living there. I was surprised about how many people speak English in Helsinki, even the lowly McDonald's employees.

My brother Nelson is living in Helsinki for the rest of the summer, which is kind of why we went. He's staying the couch of his comrade Heikki Sorsa, who—if you don't know—is a professional snowboarder, and when I say professional snowboarder I mean it
BIG TIME. Google him, I dare you.

The Architecture in Helsinki is overrated.

We stayed in a hotel in Helsinki. It was like we were in the future—not Japanese-futurish, but the future nonetheless. This is my brother in the bathroom. I tried to spy him, but it wasn't all that effective.

We took a ferry to a secret Finnish Island with treasure!!!

The Baltic Sea.Me in the Baltic Sea.

I wanted to take a closer look of the Baltic. Despite my finesse, I slipped and slid and SPLASH. Upon me falling in my brother was frantically looking for my camera as I was frantically trying to get out. He was worried I was carrying it. He wasn't worried in the "Oh no! Rory's camera is ruined" sense, but rather the "Oh no! Rory fell in with his camera so I can't take a picture of him trying to get out of the water" sense. This wasn't a proper beach where I could just stand up and walk out. This was more like the underwater-cliff-type beach. So I just floated there with my heavy shoes sheepishly wrestling the sea moss. In the end my brother-in-law had to pull me out just in time for Nelson to find my camera and take this photo. Priceless.

PS—Finland has good meatballs.

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The Magnetic Fields - Fear of Trains

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