Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dear Bloggins:
School is out for 2.5 months. Bittersweet.
I made some books.
I am leaving to Europe (London, Helsinki, Estonia, Paris, Normandy, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Barrow-In-Furnace, Blackstool) for 2 weeks this Wednesday.
Gonna spend some £'s and €'s
Excited to meet up with influential mission friends/companions I haven't seen for over four years.
The Euro 2008 tournament is thoroughly entertaining. GO SPAIN.
I'm growing a red beard. It is debonair and itchy.
I love Ira Glass.

I'll be missing Hannah and Robbie's wedding :(
Dane is a tool.
I'll be missing two RSL games :(
CarMicNel took the LSAT.
The new Girl Talk album makes me want to dance with my shirt off—twice. Hurts so good.
Girl Talk - No Pause


me said...

there's nothing bitter about it.

holly jo said...

Have fun on the other side of the world. We'll miss your beard. grow it while you can, you have 2 months. on your mark, get set, grow.

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