Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I guess I never got around to my best of 2007 post.
Here it goes—in 2007:

I liked this movie.

I liked living with (in alphabetical order) Carter, Dane, Sam, and the others.

I didn't like it too much when they and others moved away.

I liked learning about typography.

I liked playing soccer and watching RSL.

I liked looking at this bloggins.

I sometimes liked learning about myself.

I liked being with family and listening to my Dad talk about anything, especially Kanye (Conway) West.

I liked my D&C class lectures.

I liked being with friends.

I didn't like having mysterious knee injuries and tearing ligaments in my ankles.

I liked reading during the summer, especially about Holden Caulfied.

I liked getting in contact with influential and long lost mission companions/families via the internet.

There were probably some other memorable stuff that happened, only I'm too lazy to think of it right now.

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