Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reading (not the FC)

Reading novels has always been kind of a hard thing for me to do. Even in junior high and high school when you were given time in class to read books, I never finished one. Not from 8th grade to high school graduation. Looking back I'm a little astonished, quite embarrassed, and totally regretful. But I did read several assigned books 1/2 or 3/4 through, just never finishing them. Maybe that has a correlation with my bad grades during that era. I did read plenty of skate magazines though. So if you ever want to know what Jim Greco thinks about contemporary punk rock or how to clean dirty griptape just let know--I'm full of practical information like that.

As a college student I still haven't read too much, maybe it's because when I try to read a novel I'll have to stop after like 10 minutes because I feel guilty. Maybe I should be doing something noble like reading my textbooks or scriptures or something. You know, if I'm going to be reading it should only be for scholastic or spiritual gain. Anyway, this summer has given me a little extra time to read and I've I've sort of taken advantage of it. Chris Crozbeighyee once said he wanted more than just a Harry Potter book reader, and so do I. So I've read one book lately. Wow, I feel so smart. I read The Kite Runner. I won't go into a detailed analysis, but in short I'll say that of the limited number of books that I've read, this has been one of the better ones. Go read it, it has my endorsement.

Hopefully this week I'll finish the Catcher in the Rye. I love Holden's goddam sexy vocabulary. Reading is grand! I hope that I'll replace some of my richly productive TV watching time with reading.


hanner said...

I LOVE Catcher. It's one of my favorite books. And I only really started loving it when I re-read it in college. I also really liked the Kite Runner. Good on ya.

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solidcommagirl said...

Just remember, fiction can change the world.